Night Dives - Torch Trials

Happening on the evenings of the 28th, 29th and the 30th of April. - 29th & 30th are SOLD OUT

A very rare and special treat. Night dives are something not often organised in Byron Bay so make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to check out Byron underwater at night.

For people booked into the shootout competition, you are allowed to submit photos from these two dives as well.

AUNOC lights our sponsor from Singapore has volunteered to let you try some of their latest in underwater LED lighting at NO COST. And we have got some of these fantastic torches as prizes during the festival.

Available for test will be the fantastic and tiny 1CR torch as well as the super bright and indestructible 3TEN. If you need even more power you’ll need to buy their very cool HID canister light.

You can book yourself into these limited spots at the event booking section of the secure shop.

Please note there are limited AUNOC torches available - please secure your trial torch by letting us know you want one when you book for the night dive. And of course it is always good to have a backup torch as well.

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