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The 2009 Underwater Festival was held from Monday the 27th of April to Sunday the 3rd of May in Byron Bay, the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.

Check out the winning photos and videos of the underwater photo shoot-out competition from 2009.

We are working on including some entries form the Marine Visions Art Competition 2009.

There are full archive websites for the 2007 and the 2008 festivals.

Why Byron Bay ?

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations and everyone knows about its beautiful beaches, the great surf and famous festivals.

However, not many realise what beauty lies beneath the water’s surface or that Julian Rocks is one of Australia’s top 10 dive sites.

Join us as we dive in, explore and discover Cape Byron Marine Park.

Who can participate ?

The Underwater Festival is aimed at everyone wanting to experience our marine environment for themselves. Participate - whether you want to learn more about it, dive it, snorkel it, kayak it … or even paint it.

Neville Coleman

Guest of honour

Again, we are proud to have had one of the worlds diving legends and underwater pioneers, Neville Coleman with us at the 2009 festival, participating in events and delivering outstanding marine wildlife presentations.

Neville is the author of over 50 books - his latest the massive Nudibranch Encyclopedia - and well known for his passion for the underwater world and the small and unusual critters it contains.

Be inspired!

What happened at UF09?

  • Underwater photo & video shootout
4 days - as much digital media as you can expose
over $40,000 prizes - dive gear - dive trips - photographic gear and more
  • Snorkel tours
snorkel with turtles at Julian Rocks
discover the wreck of the Tassie II
  • introduction to SCUBA - resort dives
blow bubbles for the first time at Julian Rocks
become inspired
  • Kayaking with dolphins
including information sessions on dolphin biology and more
  • Marine wildlife and artists presentations
  • Dive equipment try-outs from various manufacturers
  • Marine Visions open medium art competition
Underwater Art Competition & Exhibition with over $5000 in prizes
see Byron Bay transform

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